Hopscotch In A Parallel Universe

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Hopscotch In A Parallel Universe

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Length: 181 pages2 hours


A New York City writer hops back and forth through moments in his life. Over the course of one weekend afternoon, as he and his wife care for their newborn daughter, he tries to put the pieces together in order to figure out how he arrived at this particular moment in time. The presence of a child in his life forces him to reexamine his own with the hopes of learning something in order to protect his daughter, who he knows in the back of his mind will eventually have to face life as it is. No one is asked to be brought into this world. That choice is made by others, a realization which hovers over the entire narrative as he ‘hopscotches’ through his memories, unsure as to whether he will be able to shield his newborn daughter from what she will inevitably face. 

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