Idea Hacks: Come up with 10X More Creative Ideas in 1/2 the Time

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Idea Hacks: Come up with 10X More Creative Ideas in 1/2 the Time

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Come up with 10x More Ideas AND Get Rid of Your Mental Blocks

Many of us want to be creative, but where are the ideas supposed to come from? You probably already know that simply wanting to get ideas isn't enough to make them magically appear. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, there is an easier way. Now, it will be a realistic goal to come up with a hundred or more ideas in a day. You can do this regardless of your profession or background, and with virtually any topic.

Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo has developed and tested 16 "idea hacks". You can use them to come up with many more creative ideas, and in much less time than you ever have. The more you use the hacks, the more you will tend to come up with better and better ideas as well.

Inside, you will discover:

- Why even your worst ideas are MUCH more valuable than you think they are

- How William Kamkwamba, a boy who came from nothing, was able to build a windmill

- Why the convenience of looking up answers too quickly can hurt your creativity

- The #1 Habit of the most creative people (Hint: You've been doing it since you were One)

- Why Neil Gaiman (sci-fi & fantasy author) purposely chooses to get bored, to get creative

- BONUS: 101 Creative Exercises to Try

Get a head start on coming up with your next bright idea with Idea Hacks.

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