The Matthew Chance Legacy

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The Matthew Chance Legacy

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The Matthew Chance Legacy is the gripping, split-storyline sequel to Maria's Papers.
In 2006, historical researcher Naomi Wilkes and her intrepid friends and allies uncover new documentation dating back to the early 1800's, and are thrown back into a dangerous pursuit of the truth surrounding ownership of the Whitewall Estate in Lancashire.
In 1871, Harland Chance believes that he should be the one living at Whitewall. As his resentment plumbs to ever-deeper levels, he recruits two fearful and murderous psychopaths to help him eliminate his Aunt Maria, her husband Silas, and their notorious monster dog, Sugg...

‘The Matthew Chance Legacy' is the sequel to the Desmond Elliot Prize nominated novel ‘Maria's Papers' written by Stephen F Clegg and released by publishers Austin Macauley.
It is a split-storyline novel taking place in Britain and America starting with the life of Matthew Chance who, through his treacherous scheming in 1762 puts into place a series of events that will impact the life of generations of his ancestors until 2006, with murderous consequences.
This is a story that will grab you from page one, and will not let you go until the shocking revelations at the end.

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