Pain and Passion

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Pain and Passion

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Length: 460 pages7 hours


Tomas Hunter is the heir to the lairdship of a minor clan, steeped in the Highlands and wildlife where he loves to hunt.
Sarah Evans is from Wales. Born a cripple, she blooms into a woman as beautiful as her nature.
It is England that will bring them together, but which England? Both find themselves embroiled in the politics and personalities of the English Civil.
War. Yet the human and emotional costs of war prompt them to seek happiness elsewhere. There is a New World where a New England beckons, where a new Tomas can fashion a new identity for himself, and all who follow him.
From the Highlands of Scotland to the wilds of New England, from revenge to forgiveness and from the price of war to the price of peace, Pain and Passion tells the story of how far any man can travel in one lifetime.

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