The Girl on the Stairs

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The Girl on the Stairs

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Length: 301 pages5 hours


Mabel and her husband Harry survive the war and bring up their daughter, Alexa and adopted son Luke. As the family move around the country following job opportunities, Alexa and Luke's upbringing sees some important changes, including attending boarding school where both children fail to settle and Alexa finds herself on occasion sent to the stairs. As Alexa and Luke try to get used to the unusual surroundings of the boarding school, it seems that their parents are becoming less and less involved in their lives, yet all the children think of is returning home in the summer. But before long more change is on the horizon for the family and once again Alexa, and her younger brother, Luke, have to adjust to new surroundings. But being back at home is not all that it's cracked up to be, as Alexa struggles to connect with her father, and her mother's illness places huge responsibilities on her young shoulders.

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