Tracy and the Witch: A Gender Swap Story

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Tracy and the Witch: A Gender Swap Story

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Length: 16 pages12 minutes


Tracy just wanted to clear her head with a hike in the woods.

But now she's lost. And though she won't admit it to herself yet, she's worried.

Then a beautiful woman appears and offers to lead her to safety, first offering a cup of tea at her nearby cottage. Tracy didn't realize anyone lived out there. But she's desperate so she takes the woman's help.

Except the tea isn't tea. It does something to her. One minute, she's Tracy, a young woman. Next, she's a man! And then the mysterious woman tells Tracy that she will stay a man unless she completes the ritual that the woman has started.

The mysterious woman is beautiful, and when she stands up and takes off her dress, stirrings of a new sort of desire start low in Tracy's stomach.

Then the beautiful woman drops to her knees in front of Tracy and Tracy can't take it any longer...

Warning: this gender swap story is intended for readers 18+ only.

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