The Nightmares of a Called Leader

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The Nightmares of a Called Leader

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Leadership is saddled with a lot of painful and heart rendering issues that have the capacity to make the called man to bleed while leading. Most times, God uses this concept to bring the leader into a place of enlarged capacity and maturity in order to handle challenges. Every leader that is ordained by God must always experience bleeding while leading because most folks whom you lead don’t quite seem to understand the enormity of private pressures that you have to contend with while striving to bring out their hidden treasures for exploits in destiny. Our Lord Jesus during His final days on earth was hung up on the cross with blood dripping from His head, hands and legs. Buried in the midst of men’s taunting, he said ‘’Father forgive them for they know not what they do’’. This is a typical example of bleeding while leading in leadership. Despite the tears, the struggles, hatred and rejections, a leader must be able to tower above the seeming challenges and carve a niche for himself and for posterity.

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