Treasures in a Trash

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Treasures in a Trash

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Treasure, according to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary means something or a person who is very special, important or valuable to you. Trash as well means rubbish or dustbin. Things that are no longer needed are trash and are thrown into the trash can. Treasures are not met on the road by accident. We know gold as a type of treasure. Consequently, there is no day you will be walking on the streets of your town and just kick your legs against gold. It doesn’t just happen. Treasures are buried underneath the earth surface. They are buried because they are precious. It means that treasures can remain insignificant and unnoticed in an uncommon place. Thus, it is possible for a treasure to remain unharnessed as long as it is in a wrong place. There are latent treasures inside you that are simply awaiting your recognition of them. There are gifts and potentials inside you despite your situation. You might look at yourself and think that you have nothing to offer to your generation, but hear the truth dear child of God; you are too loaded just waiting to be discovered and celebrated. As you read through the pages of this book, may every hidden treasure in you be charged up for manifestation in Jesus Name.

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