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Hook and Twist Witchcraft Operations

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Hook and Twist Witchcrafts {HTW} are diabolical spiritual operation often directed against promising destiny. The target is your prosperous heritage, great future, and sure success.
While HTW could begin before conception, during conception, or on the day of birth, naming ceremony, childhood days, or when you are a teenager, adult, about to marry, married, or at your old age. Once it starts, it often continues until you give it total defeat.
Hook and Twist witches operate to captivate glory, imprison glory, torture men of glory and evacuate their glory fortunes. They operate to divert victim's glory, covert the glory, pervert the glory, frustrate life and destiny, lock up the glory and darken or dim its glory-light. Hook and twist witches would cause stagnation, failures and pains to a man just to hang or swallow, murder, or bury his glory.

Friend, it's time to liberate your destined glory from the manipulative jaws of destiny witches. This book offers the needed help to do so victoriously

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