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Building A Solid And Happy Marriage

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How truly happy are you in your marriage? Do you know someone apart from you who are also happy in this life contract called marriage? Have you seen or heard someone who lamented about their marriage? Is there any hope that marriage could be sweet and joyous? I leave the answer with you. However, it is for the single purpose to call to your attention the tool and technology designed by the manufacturer for the enjoyment of His product. Marriage could be sweet and enjoyable if you know how to operate it. Most married people are unhappy; it is a provable fact of fundamental global marital research . They have no idea what to do about it or where to turn for answers. Many millions stumble along, bouncing off one marital problem into another, never knowing how to address them , not to talk about what to do towards solving the problem. But you can be happy in marriage. You can have a solid happy home as God intended marriage should be. This book is just written to help you accomplished this.

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