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Never Marry a Politician

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In politics, there are rules to being a good and proper wife. But what if a wife wants to be a woman—and what if that woman wants to be loved?
On the surface, Emily Pemilly appears to be a perfect politician’s wife and a model mother. But few know the price she has paid, giving up a promising journalism career and her once-dear principles to stand by an ambitious husband, who is now on the verge of becoming Britain’s next prime minister.
Cynical reporter Matt Morley knows that politics is all about appearances. But he never expected to find the fiery, outspoken girl he once loved pinned to the arm of a PM candidate like a lobotomized mannequin.
When Matt uncovers a sordid secret about Emily’s hubby, he knows it could crush the man’s campaign, as well as Emily’s carefully crafted world. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing . . .

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