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In Hiding

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A dream. A memory. That's all Brij remembers of her past - as well as the fact that she was abandoned by a dirt road at the age of three. After getting picked up by a passing stranger who seemed to know everything about her, she lives the next fourteen years of her life in an enormous nuclear power plant, performing high-intensity sports games inside the plant's five-mile reactor for spectators - people who keep the plant operating. Most days, she doesn't mind. Then again, she doesn't have a choice - if she refuses to perform, she's at risk of being abandoned all over again. When mysterious images start haunting Brij during the performances, she begins to wonder if her life in the plant is real. No matter how much she tries to ignore them, they keep coming back. A series of strange events start to unfold that ultimately leads her to make a choice - whether to live a lie, or face the truth of what she really is, and why she's here.

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