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Tales Of The Abysmal Plane: A Zoe Martinique Investigation

391 pages5 hours


Character stories don’t always begin and end with the opening of a book and its closing. There are always tales before we meet our heroes and heroines—and Zoë Martinique is no exception.

From her first experience with S.P.R.I.T.E. on her first assignment with Maharba, meeting Dags McConnell and becoming the catalyst for his transformation into a Grimoire, to her latest foray into the ordered world of the Ethereal Plane, Zoë will take readers on a ride of laughter and gasps.

Tales of the Abysmal Plane is a collection of stories about our OOBing heroine before and after her shift to Wraith and beyond. Collected together for the first time, readers of the Zoë Martinique Investigation Series will enjoy these extra tales of the Abysmal Experience.

Web Ginn House
Out Of The Dark
Holly & Ivy
Beyond The Door
Walking Shadows
Soul Cage

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