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There Is Something Better

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Charity they say, begins at home. Your home is a house of prayer. Some people only pray and rattle in tongues when they get to church. They don’t have a personal prayer life. They seldom pray. Their home is not a functional house of prayer. It is more of a playground than a prayer house.
What is your home like: a den of pleasure or a house of praise? Is your home a supper room or upper room? Is it a playground or prayer ground? Is it a house of prayer as it should be where members of the family fast and not only feast? Have you instituted a prayer culture in your home? Do you pray fervently with your spouse and children?
What is more prominent in your home: the noise of radio and television or the voice of prayer? What is commonly seen in the house: newspapers or the Bible and Christian literature? Is internet the dominant culture? Is it computer games? Is it the latest technology that reigns or the latest revelation from God as a result of praying?
Your home is a house of prayer. It is your job to make it functional. Pray and teach your children to have their prayer schedule. Inculcate prayer culture in them. Let songs of praise and worship rise up to God every day from your family. Turn on the thermometer of prayer and let the fire burn continually on the altar. With you on fire on your knees, there will always be something better for you.

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