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Man and Woman and Child
Man and Woman and Child
Man and Woman and Child
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Man and Woman and Child

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About this ebook

Written in a more casual style, but without forfeiting the clarity so evident in Thinking and Destiny, Harold Percival’s momentous first book, Man and Woman and Child offers additional information about the plight of the human.

      This book follows the development of the child into conscious inquiry of him or her self and the important role parents play in nurturing that self-discovery. The author details how children become entrapped in the false notion that they are their bodies. This can lead to the “stranger in a strange land” syndrome that so many people experience. Adults can assist children to the full potential of their development, but first they themselves must come into a state of self-knowing. Mr. Percival writes of this maturation process of the human from a physiological, psychological and metaphysical perspective. Understanding ourselves from this multi-dimensional frame of reference is imperative if we are to accurately discern the relationship of self to the body we inhabit. When awakened to this reality we then have a choice—to return to the games of make-believe, or reside in that reality.

Mr. Percival presents us with a specific method through which we can locate and free the conscious self in the body thereby dehypnotizing ourselves from our self-imposed hypnotic state. And once we comprehend who and what we are it is less likely that we again will fall into forgetfulness of our true state of being. Specific instructions in breathing and thinking techniques are provided, as well as other exercises to assist with this process.

Also offered in this book is a key to extracting further meaning from the story of Adam and Eve, as well as the relationship of the Garden of Eden to what Percival calls The Realm of Permanence. The Realm of Permanence is the place from where we came and will one day return—when we have fulfilled our purpose and, thus, achieved conscious immortality.

      In the last paragraph of the book the author, speaking about the destiny of the human, states:

“. . . soon or late he must, and finally will, choose to take the first step on The Great Way to Conscious Immortality.”

Release dateFeb 6, 2018
Man and Woman and Child
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