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George Romney: 60 Drawings & Studies (Colour Plates)

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The book, being a collection of 60 drawings, is a good sample for a large number of artist's great work, and for those who want to know more about George Romney’s drawing. Actually it is a good book for those who like to study more about art: 60 sketches in a book is not a big amount of picture in a picture book, but it is still very useful for those who like drawing and want to study something from other great masters’ sketches.

George Romney was the most fashionable artist of his day, painting many leading society figures – including his artistic muse, Emma Hamilton, mistress of Lord Nelson.

Despite his later success, Romney was never invited to join the Royal Academy of Arts, though he was asked, urged even, to exhibit there – nor did he ever apply to join. By 1772 Romney was financially secure enough to make the journey to Italy to study the great artists of the past, as he had always intended. He set off in March, making his way through Europe via Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice, Genoa, Livorno, Florence and Pisa and arriving in Rome in June. In 1776–77, he made the acquaintance of William Hayley, striking up a lasting friendship with the writer, and painting portraits for him. 1782 was the beginning of an important new chapter in Romney's life, for in that year he was first introduced to Emma Hamilton (then called Emma Hart) who became his muse. He painted over 60 portraits of her in various poses, sometimes playing the part of historical or mythological figures. He also painted many other contemporaries, including fellow artist Mary Moser.

In the summer of 1799, his health broken, and after an absence of almost forty years, Romney returned to his wife, Mary, in Kendal. She nursed him during the remaining 2 years of his life until he died in November 1802.

The book is also good for library collection, and will be helpful for someone doing drawing studies. Reproductions are good for the richness of color. Comprehensive and the images are of good quality considering the electronic format. It's like a really good study catalog with references, perfect for learning about line, shading and composition rather than a coffee table book. This book provided the tools needed to elevate your drawing ability to a higher level and teaches how to draw both realistically and beautifully. It steps back into the best and reveals how the old masters illustrated and sculpted.

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