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Alden & Tony - Never Leave

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Tony and Alden’s relationship is at its peak. They share an luxury apartment together in New York City, they enjoy each other’s company, they are comfortable with their lives and the sex is out of this world. Only one thing takes the shine off it for Tony, and that’s Alden’s frequent business trips that can take him away for days.

That’s when it gets lonely for him and he miss for his boyfriend’s touch. It’s when he occasionally sets two places for dinner and when he often sleeps in Alden’s side of the bed.

So, when Alden tells him that his latest business trip may keep him away for longer than expected, and once again fails in his promise to Skype Tony, the longing for them to be together becomes too much.

Love armed with one of Alden’s oversized shirts, a special Cologne reserved for their date nights and his favorite sex toy, Tony is ready to do whatever it takes to make up for his absence.

But Alden has one last surprise in store for his frustrated lover and it sets the scene for a steamy night of passion.

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