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Sweet Desire: Tales of Dystopian Decadence, #2

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In a dystopian world where depravity reigns and power corrupts...

Strength. It’s what Violet Morningside has never shown, but it turns out the headmistress has a very special patron in mind for “the sweetest little submissive at St. Eden’s.” And that patron is a man who is as cold as the Alaskan wilderness in which he lives – heartless, unreachable, unlovable.

When the pampered southern belle is sent to serve a rugged exile, she wonders why Nicholas has no interest in her heart or her body. As Violet gets to know him, she learns that the brokenhearted man she’s been contracted to isn’t what he seems and that strength comes in many forms, including in the gift of submission.

Violet will need to give that gift to the one person who doesn’t seem to want it – the man who can save their world if only he can find hope for not just the future, but for their love.

The story continues as a gentle submissive finds inner strength with a man who has given up on the world. Their romance is sure to heat up your night and make you believe in love!

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