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Wicked Surrender: Tales of Dystopian Decadence, #3

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In a dystopian world where depravity reigns and power corrupts…

Love. It's what Azure Morningside has given up on. Self-preservation is paramount, as far as Azure Morningside is concerned, and anyone who dares ask for more is a fool in her eyes. So when the headmistress pairs the hard-hearted courtesan with a demanding soldier Azure once loved, her only option is to keep him from breaking her heart again.

Soon Azure learns everything is not what it seems with her former beau, Captain Jackson Fortner. The boy who courted her years ago is not just a soldier in the Regime Army and therefore her enemy, but now a man with a dangerous and daring plan that will change the harsh world in which they live. Now he has returned to take what he wants and he won't accept no for an answer. And while Azure cannot help but feel betrayed by the choice Jackson made when they were teenagers, she also cannot change the fact that she is still very much in love with him...

When former lovers rekindle their flame, it burns hotter than ever! Three determined courtesans and their powerful lovers dream of changing the world in the conclusion to the Tales of Dystopian Decadence.

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