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Clouds of Stone

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The second poem book, "Clouds of Stone", comes to fulfill the temporal trajectory opened by the volume "Fortress on the Shore".
In chronological order, this second tome is the first that should've been published, since it was the fourth of July of 2012 when the poems were reunited but because of several reasons, it appears after almost six years and only in the electronic format.
If "Fortress on the Shore" is divided in three parts: The Innocence, The Mist, The Clear Blue Sky (full of meaning in the personal life of the author and which, afterwards, mark undoubtedly the style, the vision and the relationship with the outer world), "Clouds of Stone" is the book that represents the return to poetry. Is the result of the overwhelming feelings or vital experiences that one assumes and faces, such as in poems like "Here" or "To You". In other poems, "Mothers" and "At the Gate", the moments of non-compliance are tangled with the vision upon her own self that the author receives in a new place, with the longing for those left behind, for the family of which she has separated, but to which remains indestructibly bound.
The sense of "Clouds of Stone", which makes its debut with a defining poem, "I Am", a psychological portrait in a few verses (even so, incomplete, two of the verses have been forever deleted even in the original version, on the paper of the notebook where it had been written), is given by the order of the poems' titles, rather than by the date when they were written. The temporal data might be of interest to someone whose areas of interest regard the near historic present. It can also be of interest the way in which the poetic inspiration works, in "Quarter of an hour", for example, a series of different poems whose creation lasted exactly 15 minutes.

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