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Wayfarer Home

245 pages3 hours


Adara and Decker gather up the Wayfarers, Humans, Briskans, and a variety of other races to leave. Friends, Georgette, Luke, and Drake, join them bring needed skills.

While mistakes are made and they stumble, Adara finds a way to guide her mismatched group of people. People pull together to work in clusters and teams. Children begin training earlier than human society in order to fine tune their skills and help the fledgling society.

Sabotage begins ranging from small annoyances to inconvenient to deadly. Paul and Franklin work to determine who is the saboteur.

While they are looking forward, Secretary Manon tries to draw them back to the services by enticing Decker back to the services. Seeing no change in their attitude, Decker flat out refuses.

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