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The Statement of Truth Or Truly Stated

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From the days of Moses onward, the inspired writings of the Holy Scripture, as we have them, were constantly referred to by prophets, priest, and rulers as the final court of appeal (Exodus. Xxxii, 8, Joshua 1.8 etc.). Our Lord Jesus Christ also frequently referred to the Old Testament scripture in the familiar words “It is written.” And the most natural inference is that, had there been any sacred writings in those days, some reference would in like manner have been made to them by such men as Noah and Abraham for example, or some of the later prophets, or even by our Lord himself. But, as a matter of tact, no reference whatever is anywhere made to any supposed inspired writing before Moses. Had there been such writing, it is natural to assume that they would not have been allowed to pass away, but, being divinely inspired, they would have formed a part of the “Word of the Lord”. And these inspire writings of God - what exactly shall we call them - The statement of truth or truly stated. This book provides the answer.

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