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Social Issues In Our Generation

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It occurs to me that you and I can think through the social concerns afflicting the developing nations, and by so doing stir others to actions towards real transformation. We must start thinking about those issues so as to proffer possible solutions that will help us to create something like egalitarian society. Thus, my sincere concern in this writing is the main social issues, particularly with those of us who profess to be Christian and that we are obliged to face and resolve in the light of one faith. Many Christian have assimilated the anti-intellectual moods of today’s world. They do not want to be told to use their minds, and they say. Some even declare it is ‘unscriptural’ to do so. In response I draw your attention to Paul injunction not to be conformed to the world but instead to “be transformed” by the renewing of our mind with a view to discerning God’s pleasing and perfect will.

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