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The Loathsome Burden Of Having Life-Changing Cum: Episode 1: Alison (My High School Librarian)

Length: 17 pages13 minutes


Hey. My name’s Grant Buckner. I’m a real shit. A lot of the time. But, that’s no reason for the gods to give me the loathsome burden of life-changing cum. Sure, potentially, all cum can be life-changing. Or life-giving. But, mine’s a little different. It can literally change lives. And, yeah, I guess that’s pretty cool, or whatever. But, mostly, it’s a real drag. Not the whole getting tons of blowjobs part. That part couldn’t be any cooler. It’s the whole turning my world upside down part. I mean, my world was already pretty upside down. But, now it’s even worse. And, that part definitely isn’t cool.

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