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Stone Singer - Word and Deed: Legacy of the Blade, #3

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The legions of Chaos have overrun the world.
Uërth is in ruins.
With the Heavenly Host’s fall, Angel Swords rained from the heavens, littering the world in what was.
Only the most honorable and purest of heart are able to take up the Angel Swords and wield them against the throngs of Chaos. These mighty Empyrean Knights are all that stands between Uërth and annihilation.

Born in a secret enclave safe from demonic depredations, Ilya has Chosen.
She has Chosen to leave her life of security for one on Uërth, despite all its risks.
Armed only with her Voice, a runic staff, and her training as a Singer, she must venture out into the desolation after the Fall.

Now she just has to survive long enough to make that Choice worthwhile.
And make a difference wherever she is able.
In spite of finding herself in a world overrun by demons.

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