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The Crew of Cartage 15: Stell-Ore War, #1

Length: 80 pages1 hour


Would you risk starting a war to avenge the one you love?

When Meris Brand witnesses the brutal murders of her fiancé, Ellias, and his entire mining crew at the hands of Stell-Ore Mining Company's elite security unit, she storms the headquarters intent on taking down the only man who could have ordered the attack, Stell-Ore's Head of Operations, Darius Alazar.

Along the way, she enlists the help of the only Stell-Ore employee she can trust, Ellias' best friend, Berent Gaehts.

Soon, however, Meris learns that not everything is as it seems and there is far more to this story than she ever could have dreamed. And the one man who knows what really happened would sooner see Meris and her allies dead than reveal the truth - no matter the cost.

Received Honorable Mention in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, September 2015.

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