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Moon Shine

Length: 44 pages31 minutes


Moon Shine is about Great Grandpa Obie and his grandson, who is also his best buddy. Grandpa is 90 years old, and because he’s a “long, long way from being born and a whole lot closer to being gone,” he wants to make sure somebody knows his most intimate secrets. In their telling, the heart of an amazing man is revealed. From the memories of a friendship weaved through pain and joy, to the shores of Normandy and the vast wilds of Africa, we learn of the bonds that neither age nor death can break, and of the power of love, no matter its color or its cause.

Moon Shine is the first in a series of Future World Books that encourages discussion about the diverse world in which we live. The second book in this series, The King Who Had no War and Posh Kutar, will be released in March 2018.

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