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Winning Over Stress and Other Fireside Chats

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Stress is a major problem. Winning over stress is vital, because it means dealing with problems and situations (successfully) before they get too much for us to handle. Sometimes stress seems like the giant spoken of in the Old Testament whose name was “Goliath.” He was about nine feet six inches tall and must have looked huge from David’s vantage point. Yet David overcame and was victorious because his faith in God was bigger than his fear of the giant. Surprisingly, many of our "giants" are not as big as Goliath, but even our “pea sized giants” seem to get to us. Now if we could deal with them one at a time, it might not be so bad... But as it is so often, we get the whole can of pea-giants dumped on us. The author approaches the stress problem uniquely from different angles and situations, and applies the “faith factor” and some practical steps, to show you how to win over stress. In this E-Book you will find encouragement for times of spiritual weakness, inspiration for times when you are just mentally “stuck,” and hope for the depressing periods of life. All the “10 cylinder words” found in so many writings are just not here. This is an easy read, sit down and have a cup of coffee and relax type book... Like eating potato chips, it will be hard to stop with just one article... because along with dealing with stress, there are other articles to enjoy and think about. For sure, you when you finish this book, you will wish there was more. You will find that as you read and re-read this book that you will get more from it because it is about everyday life and winning over stress.

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