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Guarding Your Joy: Strength To Survive The Storms Of Life

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Guarding Your Joy is a very inspirational book. Seldom is an entire book devoted to the subject of joy. Rather, joy appears as an aspect or a fraction of a book. How important is the subject of joy today? In most lives, joy is almost absent. For most people who are struggling in their walk with God assume that most of God’s blessings, including joy, belong to a privileged few — but they are excluded.
There are many Christians whose lives are virtually drained of joy. This is toxic and a fatal life condition! The demands of school, job, family, relationships, health and economic challenges, the need to make ends meet, the stress of work, and the absence of answers or people to confide in have conspired together and driven many lives to the edge of despair. Once, David lifted up his eyes to the hills, and his challenge was where to find help. He concluded that help cannot come from the hills, where his gaze was, or from any man, but only from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
There is help for the child of God. He/she has answers for every challenge. Joy is key for opening the floodgates to physical and emotional healings, restoration, and much more. This makes this book a must-read for every individual and family. Each chapter has something unique to offer on this theme — from the source of joy, the fact that Satan wants to steal your joy, the conditions that can take your joy away, and the need to safeguard it with all the grace given to you. Your joy can ward off many spiritual ills, physical ills, as well as emotional-health conditions and give you a healthy attitude, a sound body, and a prolonged life here on earth.
After you have digested the content of this book, you will know that joy is not a mere feeling of temporal excitement or happiness but a lifelong divine gift. It is a blessing from God to you. Like any other blessing, joy needs to be protected or secured through serious, personal responsibility. The things you allow to enter your mind can affect your emotions and consequently derail your life. Among the people who have a greater influence on you are family and friends. People you have intimate relations with contribute to the state of your joy. Because of this, you have a duty to ensure that your joy lasts.
Dr. Kwaku Darkwa has also provided some activities or measures for re-establishing your joy even if you have lost it. Having your joy restored is as important as having your very life back. However, what is required is sincerity to oneself. Is something missing in your life? If yes, what is it? Are you just enduring each day of your life? Is it drained of the magic, passion, and glow? Are you sick and tired of your work and the people you relate with? Has your challenge a name? If most of your answers are in the affirmative, then this book is yours.
The truth is, God wants you to have His joy in its fullness. If you have lost the spark in your life, it is not too late. Keep on reading the chapters of this book, which is the first part of a series of 3 on this subject. May you find answers and strength to deal with your challenges in the pages of Guarding Your Joy. When you are done, please pass the book on. God bless you.

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