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Silver Highways

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From pearling to war: is there any way home? 

Curious young Lucy Fox is sailing to Melbourne in 1906 with her parents and sister Rosa, when a tragic landfall leaves her future entangled with the lives of three sailors: gentle Sam, cynical Danny and beautiful Gideon.

After Rosa's scandalous elopement, Lucy is befriended by Sam's mother Min-lu, who guides her into a new world of trade in silks and spices and the luminous pearlshell of Broome, a place where breaking the rules is a way of life.

With the coming of the Great War everything changes. Lucy's beloved must return to sea, where ruthless U-boats are stalking the last of the old sailing ships.  And afterwards, when peace has returned for everyone else, Lucy must reconcile her long-lost passion with the discovery of a bitter betrayal.

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