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The Merry Widows Box Set

375 pages5 hours


Now all three Regency novellas in one set!  Snowbound Seductions, featuring the lusty Duke of Huntington and his beautiful childhood friend, Meredith Lambert.  Can his seductions win her over?  And how long can she keep her secret as his passion breaks down her defenses?   

Betrayed in Brighton, the story of a love found, then lost in the chaos of the Battle of Waterloo.  Can Lady Alexandra Chase survive the heartache, knowing that her choice to delay their marriage condemned her lover, Major Pendleton.  But has it, as she suspects he's still alive?  Will they find each other before a traitor destroys their chance at happiness?  

And the final story of the trilogy, Captive for Christmas, finds Lady Felicity Drummond battling toe to toe with the handsome yet shy and bumbling explorer Chandler Rhys, until a chance accident throws them together during the Christmas holidays.

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