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Drynwideon, The Sword of Destiny: Yeah, Right

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Pratchett meets Tolkien in this hilarious contemporary romp through fantasy-land.

Gonald the Mighty, ancient, weather-beaten, but still rather handsome barbarian, heroically scales the pitiless slopes of Mount Terror on the worst night in living memory to finish a job that he should have completed twenty years earlier... and fails spectacularly.

Jump forward a thousand years and meet Drin. Half-starved, sarcastic and one hundred per cent self-centred, he’s the hero of our story, although he doesn’t know it yet and if he did, he wouldn’t want the job anyway. His only desire is to survive another day and avoid being nibbled by his cannibalistic village mates in the process. However, life doesn’t always go to plan and he finds himself thrust head first into a most unwelcome adventure, involving enchanted forests, savage pygmies and a group of the most dim-witted barbarians ever to grace the page.

Accumulating a seriously questionable group of companions along the way, including a urine drinking dwarf, a crazy fairy, a half rabbit half dog (the Rog) and yet another geriatric barbarian, who owns a Farting Phoenix and is a bit too fond of the old ‘fairy dust’, they find themselves thrust onto ‘The Quest’, a once in a decade spectacle, where they must face Ka, the merciless Dragon Princess in mortal combat.

With the keys to the kingdom up for grabs, the only questions are, who’s going to kill Drin first and if he does somehow survive, what the heck is he going to do with his life afterwards?

From the author of the DATS Trilogy, ‘Drynwideon, The Sword of Destiny – Yeah Right’ is quite possibly the world’s first anti-fantasy novel and one to tell the grandchildren about, even if it is to warn them away from it!

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