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The Elite Stories: Volume 1

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This is a collection of four tales about The Elite. The Elite are a group of people elevated to a status above every other person on the planet. They have complete, total, and absolute sexual authority over everyone else. Their word is stronger than law. They sit above both the laws of the common man and the laws of nature. They are tasked with acting on their desires and commanding others to act as they see fit. And they are always right.


I Am Elite: This is the story of a man who finds himself newly granted Elite status, how he comes to terms with the power and responsibility, and what he does to change the lives of those around him. It all starts in a restaurant, with a hot waitress under the table.


Emily Meets An Elite: Emily is enjoying a meal at a restaurant with her boyfriend when one of The Elite shows up and causes a stir not only in the restaurant but also in her love-life! Will her relationship with her boyfriend ever be the same again? Does she want it to be?


Alicia Is An Elite: John's girlfriend, Alicia, became one of The Elite and his life hasn't been the same since! He'd heard stories about other guys who were dating Elite women and how they ended up with amazing experiences.
Will she give him a harem of his own? Will she have him fuck others in front of her?

The answers just might be yes, but not in the way he'd been expecting. It turns out that Alicia enjoys toying with John and dominating him. She has him servicing other men, sucking cocks, rimming, and whatever other tricks she can think up.

He never thought he'd be into that, but something about it all just might be awakening something in him.


Her Neighbor Is An Elite: Haley's neighbor became an Elite. Despite months of watching him fuck women on his porch, Haley has yet to be approached by him. While she does the dishes in the morning, she looks out her kitchen window and watches him dominate a petite brunette. Her hand finds its way into her pants as she gazes out, enjoying the show.

Wait. Did he just make eye contact with her? Is he winking at her? What happens next?

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