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Protecting Phoebe

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With her life on the line, can she protect her heart?

Phoebe's work at Second Chances, a women s shelter, has gone a long way toward her own healing after surviving an abusive relationship in college. She's moved on in every sense except when it comes to dating.

Everything changes when Craig visits the shelter. The hot, young cop sets her pulse racing in a way that makes her consider making a move and moving him into her bed for a casual fling.

The first step: ask him out. Subtly, of course.

Craig has been attracted to Phoebe for months, so he's more than happy for the chance to get to know her better, in bed and out. His interest goes way beyond casual, but convincing her to think long term is going to take some time.

When it becomes clear her violent ex has come out of the woodwork, though, time is the one thing they don't have...

Protecting Phoebe from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Shelli Stevens will have you on the edge of your seat as Phoebe and Craig navigate the future while running from the past. Book 3 in the bestselling Chances Are series is an action packed, interracial paranormal romance sure to keep you turning the pages.

*Intended for mature readers.
*Previously Published: (2009) Samhain (2017) Shelli Stevens

Chances Are series by Shelli Stevens
1. Anybody But Justin
2. Luck Be Delanie
3. Protecting Phoebe

Readers are Saying…
" amazing story and I love Craig! Who doesn't love a hot cop protecting you?" ~Kristi Simonsen
"Very romantic, and nicely written, with some humour injected in the seriousness." ~Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews

Perfect for fans of Mari Carr, Sami Lee, and Lexxie Couper

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