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Reid & Pippa

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Pippa Moore has only been in San Diego for a short period of time but she knows most of the men that walk into The Jumping Bean only want one thing and she is not interested. She wants nothing to do with relationships while she tries to earn money for school. One morning at work with her only friend Jesse, she is off mopping when she feels a strange sensation to stop and look up. Two hot guys with tattoos come in and she meets eyes with the tall muscular blue-eyed guy and she begins to wake up from everything she has been holding back.

Reid Hart is hot, charming, cocky, and used to getting his way especially with women. He stops at a new coffee shop downtown and immediately he feels eyes on him. The hot blonde with the mop that is piercing through him with her eyes and now is his new conquest. He will stop at nothing to get her on a date. He knew fate had brought him into the Jumping Bean.

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