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An Outlaw Valentine

383 pages4 hours


Christopher & Megan - Outlaw and Meggie’s fifth wedding anniversary for their church ceremony is approaching and they are thinking of ways to celebrate. With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, Meggie decides to throw a Valentine’s Day Celebration. All seems well, until a rival club with an agenda, gets on Outlaw’s bad side. When they use Meggie as a pawn, Outlaw races against a ticking clock to find the woman he loves more than life itself.

Johnnie & Kendall – Johnnie is searching for a way to bring Christopher and Megan closer to him and Kendall. During one of their outings, Kendall is offered a legal case that she badly wants to take. When she comes up with the perfect solution to secure Johnnie’s agreement, it leads to unforeseen complications that threatens her and Johnnie’s lives, as well as their marriage, that might finally spell the end for them.

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