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Wisecracks For Good Luck And Success

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This is a provocative book on human nature by an author who has the mind-set of a philosopher, sociologist, economist and humorist all rolled into one, a mind-set much like rubber, i.e., very flexible in thought and capable of covering a wide range of subjects. He gingerly philosophizes his way through the book using the method of ridicule to comment on a wide range of topics ranging from relationships to how to eradicate world poverty. There will be much to tickle the funny bone. As a number of the topics touched on have intellectual appeal, there will be intellectual stimulation as well. The book thus serves the dual purpose of entertainment and personal development. It is indeed a havoc of a book by a self-proclaimed havoc "king". Welcome to the HAVOC with its power of inspiring good feelings!

Author's Biography:

Richard West, PhD, is a professor and prolific author. He has published many books on philosophy, business and management.

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