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Penance: Humiliation, Penance Through Submission: Vol. 3

50 pages36 minutes


When Meredith cheats on her husband, Charlie, she is offered a choice, penance or divorce, but with the pain of her infidelity, Charlie has become a much darker lover. Their trust is building once again, but with the excitement of BDSM, stretching them and building their relationship with love and intensity. She is now faced with her greatest challenge yet, humiliation.

In Penance: Seclusion, Meredith was locked in a bathroom far enough from civilization that no one could hear her scream. In Penance: Pain her cage has been expanded to include a bedroom filled with all sorts of dark and twisted punishments, things that excite her despite her fear. In Penance: Humiliation Charlie takes Meredith out of their new home, forced to orgasm in front of strangers, and being introduced to a fetish club.

Sneak Peek: (Edited for promotion purposes, not edited within the book.)

“ embarrasses me, Sir. I want to please you, but,” I paused searching for the words, “but I am afraid.”

“Imagine my embarrassment seeing my wife with a stranger ...(in)... my own bed.”

I frowned. Yes, I could see how that would be painful and humiliating.

“You can endure it for me,” Charlie said, his eyes dark and sinister. I could see those clouds of his darker side within him. “You will endure it for me.”

“What if it becomes too much, Sir?” I asked, feeling the heat and nerves through my body. “May I safe-word?”

Charlie dropped to a crouch, instantly my Charlie again sweet and caring, concern lining his fine brows. He took my cheek in his hand, showing me the love he held for me in his eyes and touch. “Mere, you may safe-word any time you feel its too much. This isn't about abusing you. This isn't really even about punishing you, its more about pushing you, testing your limits. Know that I am incredibly proud of the steps you have made so far. I love you and I am hoping we will find a new balance that's better for both of us.”

I blushed. I loved this man, if he wanted to push me, push us, I would accept it. Besides how bad could it be?

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