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Sissified by My Milky Futa Mother in Law!

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My bossy cougar mother-in-law is impossible to stand up to at the best of times, but now that she’s blackmailing me into the most humiliating position of my life, can I really go through with it?

When Joe first starting courting submissive Sandy, he thought he had it made. His wife-to-be cooked for him, cleaned up after him and basically waited on him hand and foot. Everything was perfect—until he met his domineering and super sexy mother-in-law Anita... Her nagging drove him crazy, even if he was totally transfixed by her giant billowing milk jugs!

Now that Anita’s sent her daughter away for some rest and relaxation, she intends to teach her no-good son-in-law some stern and steamy domestic discipline, she’s going to make him see for himself just how hard it is to be a woman. And after Joe’s mother in law forces him to submit to the full sissy treatment and partake in her milky goodness, she has one final surprise to punish him with—a rock-hard Futa surprise...

“Sissified by My Milky Mother in Law” is a seriously kinky and very naughty tale of a hot Futa cougar with copious milk, forced sissification and a very humiliating final act that will fulfil all your dirtiest needs—so only buy this book if you’re sure you can handle it!

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