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My Boyfriend(s) Aren’t 2: The Jealous Type

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Having two boyfriends has its advantages. Having two boyfriends who are both bisexual has even more advantages.

Everything was great, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t get better. I was getting regular sex from Tyler and from Nader...and occasionally I was getting it from them both at the same time.

I had to push their limits—and mine. I wanted to see them in action...but with each other.

I didn’t stop to consider that influence that would have on our relationship.

/And whether that influence was good or bad. Very, very bad.


This is a 10,000 word erotic novelette that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions. It focuses on group sex, partner swapping, anal sex, and cheating partners, along with descriptions of sexual kinks and other sexually explicit themes that not all members of the public will enjoy.

All characters are 18 or older.


Nader and I didn’t talk about him having sex with Tyler right then or even the next day. I wanted him to think it was just sexy talk blurted out in the heat of the moment; a fantasy I didn’t necessarily believed would be fulfilled.

I had us talk about something else. “I want to sleep with the two of you,” I told Nader the next morning as we ate breakfast.

“You already have,” he said with a wink at me, as if we were sharing some secret.

I inhaled and focused myself as I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “I want the two of you with me at the exact same time.”

This was a common phenomenon, I knew. A former good Christian girl discovers sex or some other evil preached about all her life isn’t so evil and is really rather good and more than worth it and she over-indulges herself. I was confident I wasn’t over-indulging. I was indulging in just the right amount. There’s nothing wrong with a little sweet dessert after dinner. It’s only a problem when the dinner served is only sweets and nothing of substance.

“You’ve already had that too.”

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