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Penance Through Submission, Volumes 1-5

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When my husband of eight years caught me cheating I thought my marriage was over. I spent five days in a hotel in grief, certain I'd never share another perfect moment with my husband again. But then he showed up at the hotel. He offered me penance. I could go with him and submit to his every desire or we would get a divorce. I decided to try the submission.

These five sexy short stories are compiled for your reading pleasure. Each story follows Meredith as she subjects herself to her husband Charlie's every whim, immersing herself as a sub to Charlie's dom.

In Penance: Seclusion, Meredith is imprisoned in a bathroom far enough from civilization that no one can hear her scream, tested by isolation. She is faced with learning to accept being at Charlie's beck and call.

In Penance: Pain her cage is expanded to include a bedroom filled with all sorts of dark and twisted punishments, bindings yes, but also flails, canes, paddles, crops. Things that excite her despite her fear, things that push her to trust in Charlie.

In Penance: Humiliation Charlie takes Meredith out of their new home for the first time since her affair. She is humiliated in front of strangers and a woman from Charlie's past. Meredith learns that Charlie's history may be much darker than she once thought.

In Penance: Confessions Charlie asks Meredith to be his submissive and offers confessions of his own.

In Penance: Bound and Gagged Meredith is given a new form of 'punishment' in a room full of exciting new torments, she learns of suspension and denial.

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