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Chastity Therapy

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After a long work day Brooke opens the door to her dingy cluttered dark apartment and flops down on the bed next to her laptop. She clicks on her favorite porn site.
She knows she has a problem, but she doesn't quite know how to stop. She needs help... so she googles, "sex therapy."

Dr. Shannon Connelly is an expert in the field and she’s hot! She has just the treatment. It’s unorthodox, but effective, maybe too effective....A Chastity Belt!
The situation is just too tempting as Dr. Shannon Connelly has always had a dominate lesbian fantasy streak inside her, which she could never play out with her husband. However, Shannon justifies the infidelity in her mind as since it’s with another woman, it's not really sex and she’s still being faithful.

Or is it?

When a Doctor crosses the line anything can happen and usually does....

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