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Maximizing Opportunities

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Friends, the Lord is about to put into your hands the answer to greatness in life. God desires that every one of us should be successful on earth, so He has made adequate provision for us to be great in life. God answers your prayers by creating opportunities for you. When you seize these opportunities, you will make a mark on the earth. Remember, every greatness is a product of opportunities maximized. Opportunity means “Favour time or occasion of circumstances”. It can also be defined as Destiny – altering moments, a promoter of change. Opportunities can only open to you in the place of your harnessed talent. Therefore, there are needs for you to discover that gift/potential, which God planted on your inside and nurture it. Opportunities are in phases and sizes; they are arranged as interjections that terminate a phase to open up the next. Thus, how well you seize/use an opportunity determines the next one that comes your way. Opportunity is the companion of a man who maximizes it.The man with five talents in Matthew 25:15 just had an opportunity to increase what he had. He maximized it and received the opportunity to use ten. Can I tell you that there is nothing like a little opportunity? Every opportunity is good enough for now! Though it may look little; put in your best and the bigger one will come. If you despise your little experiences, you will have no credentials to qualify you for the greater ones. Remember, your recommendation is tied to the quality of your performance.

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