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Pulling Down Satanic Strongholds (Spiritual Warfare Series Book 3)

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A strange but true story.While on this distant journey our brother gave this lady a lift or ride on his motor bike.After some distance he had the urge to sing the song - "there is power in the bood of Jesus"- As he started singing, this lady asked him to stop singing that song.Being the stubborn type he sang it louder but the lady kept quiet.After sometime he looked back and the strange girl has mysteriously varnished with his back seat pad.On reaching his destination the brethren prayed with him.On his way back from the city he saw his back seat on the bridge, same spot where he picked up the lady. A mermaid? ...
This power packed Christian book, "Pulling Down Satanic Strongholds, Spiritual Warfare Series Book 3" is full of spiritual insights and rich in revelations, testimonies, , spiritual warfare tips in pulling down and destroying satanic strongholds, occultic citadels,evil covenants,curses, or evil altars.It also offers Christian helps for spiritual growth, weapons of our warfare, Christian Living or Christian life. "Pulling Down Satanic Strongholds - spiritual warfare series book 3" will open your eyes to bible truths in dealing with hidden and spiritual obstacles that hinder your progress and cause non achievements. This is a Must Read for every believer and non believers alike. Get a copy today and also introduce it to your friends, families and others

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