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The Sentinal Satellite

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A festering long sought revenge is the most diabolical. It allows time to develop a perfect and most evil strategy for retaliation. Duchess Josephine de Meyer-David had six years of imprisonment to plot the destruction of the House of the Nazarene. True to the adage of long sought revenge, it was devastating and diabolical.
Her vengeance did not stop at simply destroying the House of the Nazarene. Another great authority stood in her way of world domination, the Vatican. In a letter to the Vatican, she threatened, “open your vaults, and divulge your secrets to the world or fire and brimstone will also fall upon you.” For Maria and Santo, the greatest threat posed by the Duchess was in her determination to kill Belle, their daughter.
The race was on for Santo and Maria to locate the three secret locations throughout the world each hiding components capable of destroying the Sentinel Satellite before the Vatican suffers the same fate as the House of the Nazarene and to save their daughter.

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