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In Touch With God: Advent Meditations On Biblical Prayers

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Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Mary. . . This sequence of twenty-five meditations looks at how great biblical heroes of faith turned to God in times of need and in times of joy, showing how a better understanding of their experience can help us to keep in touch with God today.


1. Abraham: God’s promises in our despair
2. Jacob: Broken and re-made
3. Moses: Meet God alone
4. Hannah: Prayer, faith and faithfulness
5. David: Success and gratitude
6. Solomon: A discerning heart
7. Elijah: God’s whisper
8. Hezekiah: God can do it!
9. Jehoshaphat: God of the unexpected
10. Ezra: Humble repentance
11. Nehemiah: An arrow prayer
12. Job: God makes no mistakes
13. A psalmist: A victorious God
14. A psalmist: Desolation
15. A psalmist: King of Glory
16. A psalmist: A God who forgives
17. A psalmist: God lifts me up
18. Isaiah: We worship a holy, forgiving God
19. Jeremiah: God’s presence in weakness
20. Daniel: Committed to pray
21. Jonah: The wideness of God’s mercy
22. Habakkuk: Complaint and trust
23. Mary: Joy in the Lord
24. Zechariah: God of the impossible
25. Shepherds and Angels: History’s supreme event

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