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A Face in the Crowd

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Brendan Mears has taught high school history in Georgia for fifteen years and has found his calling in encouraging underprivileged kids to stay in school and getting them to enjoy learning. Their dream is to go to New York to see the Broadway production of "Hamilton," and they work hard and long to raise the money.

The only problem is, Mears can't go with them. If he does he's in violation of an agreement he made years before to save his life. Still, he doesn't want to let these struggling kids down.

He pleads his case for an exception and gets permission to go, and though he's tempted to break the terms of the agreement, he thinks first of the kids he's there to guide.

When one of the students comes down with appendicitis, a trip to the ER puts Mears in a situation he knows will cost him his job and a future in the place he's come to call home. Moreover, it could cost him his life.

To find out why, look for the author's debut novel, A WAR OF DECEPTION. (Sneak preview inside.)

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