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A Ghost Hunter's Guide to the Most Haunted Places in the World

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Discover the places that have been deemed the "MOST HAUNTED" in the world. These stories involve the secret police, soldiers, tyrannical emperors, bloody battles, séances, assassinations, sinister rituals, scandals, executions, murder, and more.

There are lots of people—alive and dead—that reportedly live deep inside the Paris Catacombs where tourists are not allowed to go.

No one is permitted to enter Bhangarh Fort after dark. Locals believe the spirits are active from sunset to sunrise and should not be disturbed or they may become angry and vengeful.

The Aokigahara Woods are haunted by Yurei, who were cruelly sacrificed by loved ones in a strange and sinister ritual.

Poveglia has housed an asylum, fort, prison, and quarantine station. As many as 150,000 people have died on this tiny island, which is home to angry spirits who have pushed, kicked, shoved, and struck visitors over the years.

The Winchester Mystery House is haunted by Sarah Winchester, who went mad while building this house, which has spy panels, secret passageways, a séance room, and doors and stairs leading nowhere!

The Imperial Palace (Forbidden City) is the largest ancient palace in the world and it is still inhabited—by the spirits of emperors, eunuchs, and concubines.
...and much more!

Lots of photos, fun facts, and visitor information are included.

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