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Not Normal: Unconventional Marriage Tips for Mature Couples Starting Again

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Many of us - mature individuals in our forties and older - have been through relationships and marriages that may not have worked out the way we wanted them to, leaving us still desire that Happily Ever After.

Problem is that we can't expect the dish to taste differently if we put the same ingredients into it.

Same applies to relationships - expanding your view with some fresh advice, trying new angle when selecting your potential partner, and simply being more honest with yourself about your expectations could improve your chances of success dramatically. A lot of this advice should be applicable to the existing marriages, helping you pick strategies more suitable for your particular situation.

This book is not your typical collection of marriage improvement tips that I'm sure you've learned already from numerous other sources.

It is a fresh and unapologetic story about what eventually worked for me, two marriages and a ton of extra research later. Chapters of this book illustrate a particular point - the "Unconventional Marriage Tip" - suggesting how you could try going about certain things that might help you the same way they helped my wife and I.

**** Table of Contents *****

Chapter 1 - The Secret Sauce
Chapter 2 - Do Opposites Really Attract?
Chapter 3 - Luck and Persistence
Chapter 4 - Someone You Can Talk To
Chapter 5 - Sexual Compatibility
Chapter 6 - Separate Living Space
Chapter 7 - What About Your Friends?
Chapter 8 - Separate Finances
Chapter 9 - Your Partner's Kids
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