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The Man Opposite Has Died-Book One of the Sloping Meadow Trilogy

125 pages1 hour


When the news breaks that the man opposite has died, Lucy, the storyteller, and her friends decide that now is the time to take the late George up on his promise that they can visit the pond to see his newts.

As Giselle caresses the long, luxuriant grass in George’s garden, her fingers come across a severed finger and they are now on the trail of a suspected murderer. George’s ghost assists them in this thriller.

With the majestic sweeping sloping meadow and its captivating beauty, where Monaie, her dad and their donkey, Benjamin, live, they stumble over two men digging up bags and chase them. Having brought them to justice and survived a plane crash, they are empowered now to confront George’s widow over her part in his murder...

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